Saturday, November 13, 2010

Barrel Roll Bun

This one is a really pretty one that is so simple. 
 Begin with the hair wet and tightly gather it into a high ponytail.  Now divide the ponytail into as many equal sections as you would like.  We've done 7 sections on this bun. 
To create a Barrel Roll you'll want to comb out a section until it is nice and smooth and then wrap it around your two index fingers and roll the fingers over themselves which will roll the hair down toward the head. 
Once you have a roll, secure it to the head with bobby pins. 
Do this with every one of your sections and you can have your Barrel Rolls facing any direction you like. 
When all of them have been pinned, spray the bun really well with hairspray. 
 We've finished ours off with some little jewels on spirals that we've just twisted into the rolls so they look like they're floating.  We've also added some jeweled bobby pins around the base of the bun.