Sunday, November 7, 2010

Haircut and Church Do

My princess was in need of a serious trim to her hair.  I usually try to trim is about every 3 weeks but it had been a while and her ends were always getting tangled.
Here she is after the cut and we took a good 3 inches off just so it wouldn't be so long.  Her hair seems to grow fast and I'm sure we'll be trimming it again in no time.
We had church that morning so we decided to do something straight and pretty.  I started by parting out 2 inches of hair from ear to ear.  I then parted that section a little off-centered and created two pieces.
 I set the two pieces aside and then grabbed a small section of hair from behind the left ear and braided it all. 
Then I pulled the braid along the ear-to-ear part just like a headband.  Now tuck that little braid inside the hair behind the right ear and secure it with bobby pins. 
 Now braid each of the two front sections.  Pull the two sections over the headband braid and tuck them under the hair.  Secure them with bobby pins and softly smooth the hair over to hide the pins.  You'll end up with a nice, soft, hair-down look.

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