Monday, June 7, 2010

The "Quad"

The "Quad" has always been a ski lift at Brighton to me so it's strange to have a hairstyle with the same name. Part your hair however you like and pull each section up into a ponytail.

Now you're going to divide the ponytail into 4 equal parts instead of 3 parts. Here's where it gets confusing so I'm just going to say to watch any tutorials on YouTube. You might notice a little glitter in her hair and it's simple spray glitter found in the craft section at Wal-Mart. It hardly shows up in the picture but it's the greatest stuff and it washes out with regular shampoo.
She looked great for her dance performance and she was VERY sparkly!

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Kristen Harmon said...

Okay, I've even seen this braid done in person, and I still can't remember how it goes. A little more detail? You can email me or call me sometime, I totally want to try this out on Emma's ever-lengthening hair, but I cannot remember how!

You're insane, BTW. Waaaay too ambitious and talented than any one person should be. ;) I'm glad you are though, I can't wait to try out some other styles with Emma! That is, just as soon as she grows 3 ft. gorgeous hair like Abi. :D