Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stairway to Heaven

I went to my first Page and Plan concert when I was 14 and have always been a Led Zeppelin fan so I knew exactly what we would call this hairstyle.
This hairstyle can work with wet or dry hair but you'll find that the hair will stay longer if you do it wet.  Begin by sectioning out a  small portion of hair right in the front by parting from ear to ear.  Now divide that into two sections - making sure your dividing part is a little off-centered. 
Now create a Corkscrew out of each side.  Before you combine the Corkscrews, comb all the rest of the hair down flat.
  Pull the two Corkscrews together in the back of the head and combine them by twisting them one over the other.  (What I like to call the "first step of tying your shoelaces.") Now secure it down with a couple of bobby pins and comb out any hanging Corkscrew so that the extra hair is straight. 
 Now gather another small section from each side of the head, just below the first Corkscrews, and create a new Corkscrew on each side.  Bring them to the back of the head and combine them the same way you did with the first.  Do this a third and a fourth time as well. 
 Once you've combined all four Corkscrews you'll want to comb out the remaining hair and create a 5-Strand Braid and then secure that at the bottom with an elastic.  Spray the hair really well with hairspray to ensure that it holds and add a flower to the bottom of your braid.  We've also added some little pearl bobby pins underneath each of the "junctions" of the Corkscrews. 
 Now can you see the stairway leading up?  :)
I have also had some requests to see some ideas for Thanksgiving hair clips so here they are. 

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