Monday, September 20, 2010

Super Simple Braid Wraps

These are perfect for those days when you realize that you only have 5 minutes until school starts!  :)  
We had some really great waves left over from the French Pull-Throughs yesterday so we decided to make good use of them. 
 Start by parting the hair in half and then creating two side piggies.  Take a small section of hair from below the elastics on each piggie.  Create a regular 3-Strand Braid and plate it as far down as you can. 
Take the braid and wrap it around the elastic until it is completely hidden.  Now poke your Topsy tail through the bottom of the piggie and through the elastic.  Feed the remaining braid through the loop on the Topsy Tail and then pull it through the elastic.  This will hold securely for the whole day and there's nothing else that has to be done to it. 
This is a great little idea to pack away for those "hurry up and get ready" days that seem to come way too often!  :)

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