Monday, September 6, 2010


Sometimes the beauty is in the small simple things - just like this hairstyle. 
 Your princess can have straight hair or you can wave it with an iron or braids from the day before. 
Part a small section of hair from the top of the head and wet it down. 
 Comb the two sides all the way down to the ears and then combine the two sides under the hair with an elastic. 
 Spray that top part so that it stays stiff and you don't get fly-aways.  Now place a headband just behind the slicked down hair. 
 The rest of the hair that is free can just fall over the headband casually.  It's very pretty and very fast and therefore I like it!


Unknown said...

I tried one of your hairdo's today and my daughter, Allie, insisted I send you a picture of it! I figured telling you that she absolutely loved it would be good enough :) BTW - I never see ribbon on sale (I don't really watch for it) Do you have any tips on finding discounts on hair things? Also, any tips on making these?

Julie said...

I usually get my ribbon from Michael's, Jo Ann's or Hobby Lobby and I just have to watch their adds for sales. As far as the flower clip, it's 4 different sized flower patterns and each pattern is placed on a separate fabric swatch. Cut 3 of each size (depending on thickness) and layer it for the desired look. Once you've got your patterns made they can be really easy to mass produce!