Thursday, September 16, 2010

Easy Picture Do's

These are my cute little neighbor girls and they're modeling some really fast and easy hairdo ideas for pictures.
Simple Side Pony
This is pretty much self-explanatory just pull all the hair over to one side of the head and combine it into a ponytail.  Top it off with a big colorful flower and it looks beautiful.
Heidi Braids
Part the hair down the middle and pull each side into a ponytail, giving you two side piggies.  Braid the piggies and then use your Topsy Tail to pull them up through the hair.  (Just behind the original ponytail elastic.)  Now wet down the ends of the braids and curl them around your fingers.  Spray them with hairspray for a nice hold.
The French Bang
Take the hair from the bang area only and create a French Braid off toward one ear.  Finish the braid down to the end of the hair and then secure it with an elastic.  Add a flower at the end to hide the elastic.  Curl the rest of the hair and slightly pull it over the braid.
Pull-Through Piggies
Simply separate the hair in half and make a low piggie on each side of the head.  Grab your Topsy Tail and create a Pull-Through with each piggie and then lightly curl the ends.
These girls have such beautiful hair and their pictures turned out darling!

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