Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Gathered Here & There

I like to do this hairstyle when I've got a bit of left-over curl in the hair from braids the day before. 
 You can also curl the hair with an iron when you're finished. 
Begin by gathering a small section of hair right at the front middle part of the hair.  Divide it into 3 sections and create a braid.  Plate it about 5 times and then add in a small section of hair to both of the outside strand of the braid. 
You're going to get the hair by grabbing another small section on each side of the original section - along the bang line. 
 Once the hair has been added into the braid, plate it again about 5 times and then repeat the gathering step.  Make sure you grab hair from along the bang line each time. 
 Continue plating and adding until you've gathered down to each ear. 
Stop gathering and just plate the rest of the braid.  Add a flower to hide the elastic at the bottom and you're all finished! 

1 comment:

Jill said...

Very cute, and much quicker than doing a full French braid. Love it!