Friday, September 3, 2010

Princess Pull Back

These waves were made from yesterdays braids but you can also use a curling iron or wave iron for a similar effect. 
Start by parting just the top of the hair down the middle.  Now make three small Corkscrews along the hair line on each side of the part.  Make sure you leave a bit of hairline next to each ear. 
Now gather all the Corkscrews from the left half of the part and bring them over to the right side of the head.  Combine the Corkscrews with the bit of hairline next to the right ear and secure with an elastic. 
Now you're going to weave the first Corkscrew on the right side through the three left Corkscrews.  Do this with the second Corkscrew on the right side but make sure you alternate the over under pattern from the first one.  Do the same with the third Corkscrew on the right and then combine all three with the extra bit of hair line on the left side.  You should now have two small piggies by each ear. 
 Make each piggie into it's own Corkscrew and then join the tow together at the back of the head and secure them with an elastic. 
You can add hair accessories to all three elastics or just to the back elastic.