Sunday, September 19, 2010

French Pull-Throughs

This hairstyle is courtesy of my cute friend Nancy who is very creative! 
Start by parting the hair right down the middle. 
 Now gather up a small section in the front on one of the halves and tie it off with an elastic.  Do the same on the other side - making sure to keep the sections parallel. 
Now use your Topsy Tail and create a Pull-Through. 
 Gather two small sections just under the previous sections and make sure to include the hair from the first Pull-Through.  Secure with an elastic and create another Pull-Through. 
 Continue adding hair and creating Pull-Throughs until you get to the bottom of the scalp. 
 After your final Pull-Through you will want to braid the remainder of the hair.  and secure it at the bottom with an elastic.  Grab your Topsy Tail again and create an Inverted Pull Through up by the bottom of the scalp.  Make sure to only pull the ends of the braid through and not the entire braid.  This will create a Heidi Braid on each side. 
Tie your favorite ribbons around each Heidi Braid and curl down the ends for a fun look.