Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kiddie Korners

Begin by parting the hair exactly down the middle. 
Set on half of hair out of the way with a clip and grab two small section from the bottom of the head on the opposite half.  Each of these sections will be made into a Corkscrew.  Once the Corkscrews are about 6 inches long, grab an alligator clip and pin it on the bottom of the two to keep them from unravelling while you continue.  Take the rest of that half of hair (the side that you just pulled your two sections from) and pull it into a tight piggie tail. 
Unclip the other half and pull out two small sections from the top of the head.  Create to more Corkscrews and when they're about 6 inches long you will pull them over to the piggie tail on the opposite half and add them in with another elastic.  Now Pull the remaining hair up into another tight piggie. 
 Grab those two bottom Corkscrews that you set aside early and pull them across to the other half and add them int the piggie with another elastic. 
We finished off our piggies with a 5-Strand Braid which is one of our favorites. 
 Hopefully that makes sense and the pictures should help.  Let me know if you have questions!

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