Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Over the Rainbow

Pick out your favorite ribbons or coordinating ribbons for this hairstyle.  You're going to also need a thick plastic (usually light blue) yarn needle.  (Usually found in the yarn section at your local craft store or Wal Mart.)  You may also want some colored elastics like we've used, or you can use clear ones. 
Start by grabbing 1/2 inch thick pieces of hair from the front of the head and tie each off with an elastic a couple inches from the hair line. 
Do this all the way to each ear so that you create a headband of elastics. 
Now part the hair in half using whichever part you like.  (This is the "Blocks" part.)  Divide the hair from the elastics to each side equally and make a piggie on both sides of the head.  You can leave the piggie straight or finish it off with your favorite braid.  (This is the Uneven 5 Strand Braid.) 
Tip: Grab your yarn needle and a piece of dental floss.  fold the dental floss in half and then feed the bend through the eye of the needle.  Now put your ribbon through the floss, pull the floss back out of the needle and now your needle is threaded with the ribbon.  This make getting the ribbon through the eye of the needle much easier! 
 Do a weaving pattern with the ribbons - going above and below - along the elastic headband line.  Make sure you have some hanging ribbon next to each ear.  Thread your second piece of ribbon and weave it through as well, making sure to alternate the directions from your first ribbon.  Continue adding as many ribbons as you like until you've completed the look. 
 Now take the ribbons hanging by each ear and wrap them around the elastic of your piggie. Now you can tie them into a bow. 
You can add ribbons to the bottom of your piggies if you've braided them and you're all done!