Thursday, September 2, 2010

First Day of School Do

My princess insisted on walking to her first day of school and I knew how hot it was going to be outside so we chose a hairstyle that would be up off of her neck.  We started by dividing the hair into 4 equal parts - 2 on top and two on the bottom.  
Then you'll want to pull each of the sections into an elastic and use a Topsy Tail or comb to create a Pull-Through.  (On the bottom half we made Inverted Pull-Throughs.)  Next you'll want to braid each section and secure them with elastics. 
 Grab the two braids on the left half and join the ends together with another elastic.  Do this with the two on the right side as well.  Now pull the two left ends over to the right side and pull the two right ends through the left ones and over to the left side. 
 This will create a criss-crossed look on the top and bottom.  (Hopefully that's not too confusing.)  Use bobby pins to secure the elastics to the hair. 
 Now you can take the ends of the hair that is left over and create Barrel Rolls just inside the joined braids.  Bobby pin those down and well and make sure to use plenty of hair spray to keep the hold. 
Add some little clips on each side to hide the elastics and that's it!

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Anonymous said...

Just found your site and I'm ecstatic! Love your styles - they look impressive, but seem very do-able! We did this style for school yesterady. Instead of barrel roll curls, I pulled the end of the combined braids back through the top pony where I'd pulled it through at the beginning. This left the braids hanging down the back, with a Renaissance look. The bit of hair coming out the top looked like toddler pigtails. My 8yo was THRILLED with her hairdo! She got tons of compliments, too. Her hair is to the middle of her tushie, so she was excited about it looking like hse had short hair for a change. :) It held up great (secured it with bobby pins)at the pool, and today, twisted them into buns. Tomorrow, it'll be super wavy hair down with a headband. :) Thanks for all your inspiration! -Debbie