Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Knot Your Average Pony

My daughter actually came up with this one and she did most of this style on her own.  I only helped with the bottom knots and she did the rest. 
 Basically you'll want to just hold out about a 1/2 inch width of hair all the way around the edge of the hair and pull the rest up to a ponytail in the middle. 
 Now separate the hair still down into as many sections as you would like.  Each section is going to be tied into one little knot about halfway between the hair line and the ponytail.
  Once a section has it's knot in it, just add it into the ponytail with another elastic. 
Do this all the way around the head so that you have little knots going into the ponytail all over.  It's actually a cute little idea. 
Now you know that you're really into hair when you're given a school project and your ideas immediately turn to hair accessories.  That's how my daughter was when she was given an assignment to create something using popcorn. 
We had an plastic headband that she covered with glue and then she pressed it into a plate full of popcorn kernels. 
For the flower she cut out a large flower and a small flower from paper and then covered those with glue.  She pressed them into the plate of kernels as well until the were fully covered.  Then she painted the flower parts all red. 
She glued the smaller flower on top of the larger one and then popped out a couple of kernels so she could glue a gem stone in the middle. 
She glued the flower to the band ad then finished it off by coating the whole thing with a glitter glue. 
She was so proud of her little creation and she can't wait to get it back so she can wear it.  :)


cata said...

thats soooo freaking cute!!!! your little girl is sooo clever, would have never thought of using popcorn kernels!!
Very cute!!!!

Julie said...

Thanks! She was pretty proud of herself. :)

Ashby Family said...

That's funny and cute that she made a hair thing with the pop corn. Way to go Abby