Thursday, November 17, 2011

Twilight Fan?

So I am really excited for the release of the new Twilight movie tomorrow and I wanted to jump back to a previous post - Team Edward or Team Jacob?
It is just a simple double messy bun style.  We did this for the release of the "Eclipse" movie and I made these bows.
I wanted to post this idea if any of you are Twi-hards like me and would like to copy it!  :)
So I ask again... which are you?
Team Jacob?
Or Team Edward?


MandA x said...

Switzerland! lol x

CaitrĂ­ona said...

Team Jacob all the way, not only is Taylor Lautner waayy better looking than Robert Pattinson, but jacob is just the nicer person! he's sooo sweet, and until Renesme is born he is completely crazy about Bella, but she is just horrible to him :( particularly in Eclipse, when she just completely uses him, when it's actually Edward who broke her heart! sorry, mini rant over, those hair bows are so cute and creative!