Monday, February 21, 2011

Toddler Piggies Minus the Toddler

This one is really simple and works best on wet hair. 
Part the hair into two equal halves using any part that you like. - we've done a zig-zag part here.  Now pull each half up into a piggie. 
Braid the piggie using any braid you like.  Be sure to leave about 3 inches unbraided at the bottom.
  Now Wrap the braid around itself and pull the ends through the middle.  (Just like tying a know in a piece of thread.) 
 Secure your braid against the heads with a couple bobby pins on each side. 
You can either dry the ends that are sticking out and curl them or you can shape them into curls while they are still wet.  (Depending on which works better for your princess's hair.)

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