Thursday, February 10, 2011

Puffy Heart

This heart is quite simple but has a beautiful finished look. 
Begin by parting out a "V" shaped section right at the front of the head.  Secure it back at the point with an elastic and then create a Pull-Through. 
Separate your Pull-Through into two pieces and start with your right piece.  Gather another section of hair just below the original part and add it into the piece of hair with an elastic.  (Make sure this elastic is higher than your original Pull-Through to create the arc of your heart.) 
 Now continue gathering hair into your piece and securing them with elastics.  
Repeat the same steps with the second piece of your Pull-Through on the left side of the head.  Combine your two group of hair in the back with one final elastic. 
You will be able to see the heart in your princess's hair and you can either be finished at this point or weave in some ribbon around the hair to really make the heart pop.   
Who's getting excited for Valentine's Day?  We sure are!


Brooke said...

Did she lose some teeth recently? :D She is still the cutest hair model out there! Seriously!

Julie said...

oh yes! :) She's had a couple recent visits from the tooth fiary. :) Thanks for the nice compliment!