Friday, August 20, 2010

Round Trip From California to Florida

Imagine that one piggie is Disneyland and the other piggie is across the country (or head) in Disney World.  :)  Now do you understand the name of this hairstyle?  Love this one!
  Start by parting the hair and making two ponies on each side of the head.  Now separate each pony into two halves and make each half a braid. 
Each ponytail should now have 2 braids. 
Take the inside braid on each side and cross it over to the opposite side. 
 I had to wrap the braid around the opposite pony because my daughter's hair is so long but this isn't necessary.  Now attach the braids to the ponies with elastics.  Take the braid that is still hanging and attach the bottom up to the top with an elastic.  Do this for both sides. 
Wet the ends that are sticking up and curl them down with your fingers - using product if needed.  Add some little flowers underneath the curled ends to finish it off. 


Huber Family said...

I just love how you post almost every day! You are so creative!

Julie said...

oh thanks - I'm out of town right now so it will be a few days :)