Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Basket Case

My princess had lots of left over waves from her braids yesterday so we decided to make use of them today. We pulled her hair half-up because there weren't as many waves at the top of her hair. Before I pulled the hair back, I parted it down the middle and held out a 1/2 in section of hair along both sides of the part. Wet the hair down really well on top and then pull in back into the Half-Up Ponytail. Here's the tricky part: Grab a plastic yarn needle for the threading. (They're usually light blue and can be bought at Wal-Mart in the yarn section.) Take a piece of dental floss and fold it in half. Thread the folded section through the eye of the needle and this will help thread the hair through the needle. Take one of the 1/2 inch sections you held out and grab a small piece of it close to the hairline on the forehead. Now feel that small section through the dental floss and then pull the dental floss out of the eye of the needle. This will automatically thread the hair through the eye of the needle for you. (Much easier than trying to thread the hair through the needle without the floss!) Now take the needle in an in and out pattern down through the hair that has been pulled back. Let the hair out of the needle and thread the next little bit of hair back into it. Use the in and out weaving pattern again but make sure that you are opposite of what you did on the previous weaving. Continue this process until you run out of hair in the 1/2 inch section and then go to the second 1/2 inch section and do the same pattern. When you are done it will look as though you've weaved a basket. It has a really cool look to it and would also be a very fun Easter hair do because it would look like an Easter Basket!

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