Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Faux Hair Fun

We've done several posts using these faux hair clips that we found at Sally Beauty Supply and my daughter absolutely LOVES them. 
They happen to be just the right length for her hair but you can always trim them up if you need to.  This is just another style using those fun clips.  Grab a small section of hair right from the middle of the hairline, up by the forehead, and secure it with a small clear elastic.  Now clip your faux hair in right over the elastic. 
 Grab a section of hair from each side of your original section and have your princess hold those for you for just a second.  Create a part just behind your original section that is right in the middle of the head and is about 2 inches long.  Now section out the hair from that middle part down to the ear on each side - giving you two new sections. 
You'll want to grab the right section that your princess is holding and bring it right over the faux hair clip and add it in with the new left section with an elastic. 
 Repeat on the other side by grabbing the left section that your princess is holding, place it over the faux hair clip as well and add it in with the new right section with an elastic.  (You're original ponytail and fax hair should not be added into these two new elastics.) 
 Create a braid out of each of those two new ponytails.  Your braid will only need to be about 3 inches long. 
 Have you princess hold those two braids while you part the remainder of the hair right down the middle.  
  Move back up to your very first ponytail with the fax hair and separate that into two sections - making sure that the faux hair is evenly divided and clearly visible.    Take the right section and the right braid and combine them together with all the hair on the right half of the head with an elastic.  Do the same on the left side as well. 
Remember to have your colored hair on top so that it's easily seen.  Add some hair clips to hide your bottom two elastics to complete the whole look. 


amber.hope said...

I just thought I'd let you know that I purchase these same faux hair highlights on ebay for much cheaper than Sally's sells them for. It's worth the wait trust me!

Julie said...

ooh, thank you for the heads-up! I'm always looking for the "cheaper" way. :)