Monday, March 14, 2011

Feeling a Little Off

There's a girl on this season of "Survivor" that has some seriously cute hair for being stranded on a beach.  This was a style that I saw her wearing the other day and it's pretty straight forward but I never even though to go uneven.
Start by parting the hair all the way back on the head with 2/3 of the hair on one side and 1/3 on the other side of your part. 
 Start with the 1/3 of the hair and create a regular French Braid.  (You could also do a Dutch Braid and it would look great!)  Braid all the way down to the bottom of the hair and secure it with an elastic. 
 Now move over to the larger section of hair.  You want to make sure that your braids are lying even on the two side of the head and that the only thing that is of-centered is the part. 
This means that you will be combing over the hair that is close to the part so that it gets where it needs to be in order to add it into the French Braid.  Make sense? 
 Braid that side all the way to the bottom of the hair as well and secure it with an elastic. 
Pretty easy!  I guess I need to take a second look at a bunch of our styles and see how tweaking them just a little can make them totally different.  :)

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