Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Irish Rainbow

I have 3 St. Patrick's Hairstyles for you and this is the first one.  (Sorry for not getting them posted sooner!)  To get ready for this style you will need some rainbow colored ribbons and a plastic yarn needle.  (Cut your ribbons according to how long your piggies will be and where on the head the ribbon will be.)
Begin by parting the hair right down the middle and tying one half up so that it's out of the way. 
Part out about an inch and a half of hair along the forehead line and put the rest into a temporary elastic.  Now you'll be making a French Twist with the hair. 
If you are working on the right side of the head first you will want to gather hair into the strand on the right each time you twist and make sure that your twist lies right next to the part.  If you are working on the left half, gather hair into the left strand.  Continue your French Twist down just below the ear and secure it with a temporary elastic.  Part out another inch and a half of hair just below that first one and repeat the French Twist process.  You will create 6 parted sections on that half of the head.  (One for each color) 
On the very last section you are going to want to do your French Twist a bit differently and add hair into both strand as you twist.  Also have the French Twist lie in the middle of the parted section instead of close to the part. 
 Gather all those French Twists together just above the temporary elastics and Combine them into one large piggie with a permanent elastic.  Once that is in place you can remove all the small elastics below and brush out the hair.  Now move over to the other half of the head and repeat the process - making sure to reverse the side of you French Twist that you add hair into. 
There should now be 6 even twist on both sides of the head.  Grab your ribbon and plastic yarn needle and get ready to add some color.  The colors can be laid out however you like but I had my green going first because my princess was wearing green that day.  Thread your needle and then find the very center of your ribbon.  It should lay directly over the middle part so that you have an equal amount of ribbon for both sides of the head.  Starting on one side you will simply wrap it over and through the French Twist.  Do this all the way down to the elastic that is holding your piggie and let the remainder of the ribbon hang down.  Move back over to the other half of the head and repeat the process with the ribbon.  Do this again with each of your colors. 
You should now have 6 ribbons hanging down by each piggie.  Separate your ribbons into two groups of 3 and these groups will be two strand of your braid and the piggie will be your 3rd strand.  Now just create a normal 3-Strand Braid.  Secure it at the bottom with an elastic and cut off any excess ribbon.  Do this on the other side as well. 
 Now add some fun hair clips and you're all finished. 
 Each of these clips went along with the hairstyle and would look really cute.
  These gold coins are extremely simple to make!

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Caitríona said...

hey,just to let you know i love your blog! I'm from Irealnd myself, and i had no idea yous celebrated Paddy's Day so much in the States :) Anyway, this hairstyles is unreal! i would never be able to it though cos I think i might be a bit old for pigtails :P, and my sister's hair barely reaches her chin:( it's gorgeous anyway though :D xx