Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pull-Throughs, Corkscrews & Braids

This hairstyle is a little bit of everything all rolled into one.
Create a part right down the middle of the hair that is about 4 inches long.  Now create a part that crosses right through the middle of it that is also about 4 inches long.  Create 4 equal squares out of the parts and secure each square at it's far end with an elastic. 
 Create a Pull-Through out of each ponytail so that you have two Pull-Throughs on each side of the head. 
 Pull the rest of the hair back into a ponytail - making sure to leave the Pull-Throughs out.  Now create a Corkscrew out of the two Pull-Throughs on each side of the head. 
 Wrap the two Corkscrews over each other at the back of the head and around the elastic holding your ponytail.  Secure them with their own elastic just under the ponytail elastic. 
Now brush all the hair together and braid it so that all the elastics are concealed.  Secure your braid at the bottom with one final elastic and hide it with a hair clip of your choice. 
There you have it - nice and simple but fun to look at!


shannon said...

I love how creative you are with your daughters hair! I was wondering where do you get your colored/clear elastics? I'm having a hard time finding them.

Julie said...

I usually get them at either Walmart or Sally Beauty Supply or you can also get them online

Anonymous said...

Re these lovely instructions: for your readers' sakes, PLEASE add the Warning that certain clear (or "see-through") elastics can be every bit as bad for hair as are the regular uncoated/uncovered rubber bands. In recent years I've made the mistake of buying exactly this kind of clear elastics from several different makers -- & the bags were even specifically marked as being "Great For Hair!". Indeed, one claim even insisted its clear elastics were "As safe as the regular covered versions" - but this was absolutely UNtrue. No matter the promises, the clear elastics I could find led to the immediate results of ripping out hair/ snarling hair/ & otherwise all-around damaging of hair.

Hence in addition to warning your readers of this often serious problem w/clear elastics, it'd be most helpful if you'd also recommend several brands which you yourself KNOW are reliable & non-damaging -- especially if you can do so from real experience, rather than only from hearsay.

Many thanks!

Julie said...

Thank you for adding that comment! I have included some helpful hints and information in my latest post. :)