Monday, March 28, 2011

Straight "A" Student

My princess was so excited about her straight A report card that she wanted to do something fun with her hair to celebrate.  Her name happens to start with the letter "A" so we've done variations of this hairstyle before but never posted anything. 
 Start by pulling the top half of the hair up into a ponytail.  Separate that ponytail into two sections and create a regular 3-Strand Braid out of each section.  Secure the bottom of the braids with elastics.  Have your princess hold those two braids out of the way while you move down to the bottom half of the head. 
 Part the remainder of the hair right down the middle and secure each side into a low ponytail.  Braid those two sections into regular 3-Strand Braids as well.  Secure the bottom of those braids with more elastics.  Now this next part will vary depending on how long your princess' hair is.  I will give the directions for what we've done here but you can modify it if you need to.  Pull the bottom braids up behind the their starting elastic using a Topsy Tail.  Let the ends of the hair just flair out. 
 Now grab your original two braids and pull them down in the middle of the head and then wrap the left braids around the junction of the lower left braid.  Do the same with the right side as well.  Pull each side up and around the junction, covering the elastic, and pull it across to the braid junction on the opposite side of the head. 
 Pull the last little bit of the braids through those opposite sides using the Topsy Tail again.  (So that the elastic securing the braid is hidden underneath the hair.) 
Add some bobby pins at both braid junctions just to secure everything nicely and you're all finished!  Again, don't be afraid to change it up according to the length of hair you are working with!

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