Sunday, April 3, 2011

Double Lady Ga Ga's

Lady Ga Ga made this "hair bow" popular so that's the reason for the name.  :)
Begin by parting the hair down the middle using any part you like.  (You can find ideas for various parts here.)  Secure each side with an elastic so that you now have two piggies.  Make sure the hair in the piggies is damp so that it is easier to work with. 
These hair bows can be created in several different way but this is that way that worked best for us.  Grab a small section from the top of one of your piggies.  Shape one "hump" of your bow and tie an elastic around it to hold the hump in place.  Create the other hump with some more of that section of hair  - leaving about 2 inches of hair still out.  Secure that hump with another elastic so that you now have 3 elastic all close together on top of your piggie.  (One from your original piggie and two from each hump.) 
  Divide that extra hair that you left out of your small section into two equal pieces.  Wrap the left piece up behind the left hump and the right piece up behind the right hump now criss-cross the two pieces over each other - hiding the elastic - and wrap them back behind the piggie. 
You're going to tuck those ends into the main elastic holding your piggie.  (Do this underneath the piggie so that it's concealed.)  Repeat these same steps for the bow on the other piggie as well. 
 It may not be necessary for you but I did make sure the bows were lying flat against the head by making a "X" with two bobby pins attached to each bow. 
You can choose to leave the piggies just straight or finish them off with any braid that you like.  We've done a Flat 4-Strand Braid here.  There's no need to add bows to this one because you already have them!  She got lots of compliments at school and I do have to admit that it's quickly becoming one of my favorite styles!

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