Saturday, March 26, 2011

Netting Updo

Here's a pretty one for church or a special occasion. 
You will want to work with wet hair and create 5 vertical sections - making sure that you have one directly in the middle and two on each side of that.  Secure each section with an elastic back in the middle of the head.  You should now have 5 ponytails. 
 Separate each of the ponytails into two sections (except for the two outside ponytails) and combine one section from one ponytail with one section from the adjacent ponytail. Do this for each of the ponytails.  Your two outside ponytails will be added in with one section from their adjacent ponytails.  Make sure that your elastics combining the section are about 1.5 inches below the first elastics. 
You should now have 4 ponytails.  Tuck all of the netting up underneath itself so that the 4 ponytails are line up with the outside 4 original sections. 
Using a Topsy Tail, pull the 4 ponytails through those 4 sections.  Create a Barrel Roll out of each of the 4 pieces of hair and secure them over the original elastics with bobby pins.
  Add a hair clip over the middle elastic and spray the hair for a nice tight hold. 

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JenJungers said...

Can you please do a video for this one?