Friday, March 18, 2011

Lucky Clover

I'm realizing that I didn't really get a great angle of the actual clover itself, but it's a 4-leaf-clover with a Barrel Roll Bun in the middle.
Begin by making 4 equal sections in the hair by parting directly down the middle and then again across the head.  Secure each section with an elastic.  On the top two section you're going to want to make an Inverted Pull-Through and the bottom two sections will be regular Pull-Throughs.
Separate each Pull-Through into two pieces and make each piece a Corkscrew.  Pull on Corkscrew to the left and one to the right just above the Pull-Through and then have them meet together again in the middle of the head. 
 Use a claw clip to hold that in place while you do the same steps with the other 3 Pull-Throughs.  Once all 4 leaves of the clover have been created you can secure the Corkscrews all together in the middle with an elastic. 
We have gone ahead and brushed out some of the Corkscrews and left some of them in tact for our Barrel Roll.  Barrel Roll the hair in the middle down and secure it with bobby pins.  Add a ribbon or hair clip over the Barrel Roll.  
If time had not been such an issue this morning we would have laced each leaf with green ribbon which adds nice color but also helps to hold the leaves in their shape.  You may need to add some bobby pins here and there to help hold the shape of your leaves if you choose not to use ribbon. 
Hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day! 

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