Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Accessories and Kissy Lips

I was at Hobby Lobby the other day doing a bit of shopping and I came across these awesome little accessories.
  This one is a black vinyl flower that we've clipped in her hair but it also has a pin clasp on the back so you can use it on clothes.
Here's another one we bought that we pinned to her jacket but it can also be used as a hair clip.  I think that' such a smart idea to have both options on the back of the flowers.  I think I'm going to start doing that with some of our accessories from now on.
To show off her new flower we did a Kissy Lips Messy Bun.  These are really easy but you want to have your elastics handy.  Start with a regular ponytail.  Now grab another elastic and wind it like a ponytail until the last time around when you're only going to pull the hair through the elastic slightly.  Now this will give you a little poof.  Grab another elastic and go around the entire poof and the extra hair until the last time around when you will pull the entire poof through but only a little bit of the extra hair.  This will give you your second poof.   
Rough it up a big with your fingers and don't be afraid to pull at it a bit to give it that messy look. 
Our church had a fun little activity day (Super Saturday) where we made these fun bow holders. 
This was a perfect craft for us because my princess is a dancer and has TONS of hair accessories! 
 Cute huh!


Beth said...

Love the hair, your little girl is so adorable! Hobby lobby is just so awesome.
Oh, and I love the accessories holder. I've made some as gifts before but never that cute. I wish my ward would have a super Saturday, we haven't had one in a long time.

Julie said...

It's because we're in Nevada and they still kind of do things old school around here. :)

Myndi said...

I love the bow holder, I've been wanting to get one for my daughter...I wish I was that creative to make one so beautiful!