Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday's Film: Braid Embellishment

My princess had a choir performance today where she was required to wear a winter hat so we decided to come up with a cute hairstyle that would work with her hat.  We came up with this Braid Embellishment:
It's a simple way to add some flair to any braid or ponytail.  
 You can see how it makes these simple braids look adorable!
These embellishments will look different every time you do them so don't worry about having them look exact.  There's beauty in variety.  :)


kdbodie said...

This is such a cute style and I really want to do it on my daughter. I don't know if I am the only person with this problem....but my daughter complains that it hurts SOO bad whenever I use a topsy tail, especially when it is for a regular pull thru. I LOVE the flower buns that you did lke this, but Im scared to do it. Is there a trick to making it go thru so easily like you do? your Princess doesnt even flinch. I practically get elbowed in the stomach. Do you have any idea what Im doing wrong?

Jill said...

So cute!

kdbodie: This style shouldn't hurt at all since you're not actually pulling the hair that's going into the ponytail holder. If you're doing a regular pull through, don't have the elastic right up against the head. Make your ponytail and then slide the holder down a little. That way the little baby hairs underneath won't get pulled when you do the flip.

Julie said...

Jill said it perfectly! :)

Hair Extensions said...

I will try this one on my cute Angel :)

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