Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Link-o Cinco De Mayo Hair

This post is a little bit late but I wanted to share the hairstyle we used for Cinco De Mayo.  My princess had a fiesta at her school that day and she wanted to be festive.  I could not for the like of me think of a hairstyle that would go along with the holiday so this was our best attempt.
 I started by created a short off-centered part at the top of the head.  Then I pulled out two thin sections of hair from the part (on the larger half) to use for my links.
Have your princess hold those while you pull the rest of the hair into a low side ponytail. 
 I then made 5 links which is my princess named the "cinco link-o chain".   Make your links by wrapping the two small section of hair around each other just like you would in the first step of tying your shoes. 
 Continue doing this until you have 5 links and then add them into your ponytail with another elastic. 
 Take your ponytail and create a Messy Bun and then top it off with a festive flower. 
This was our first time ever doing anything fun for Cinco De Mayo but we hope that yours was great as well!


Anonymous said...

I really like this hairstyle. So simple yet so effective. Great Job!!!

Lori said...

You did a really nice job. You can tell your daughter ilked it alot.