Friday, January 28, 2011

Flashback Friday: Pink Curlers

It's Flashback Friday time again.  Remember these pink overnight curlers that our moms used to torture us with?!  Well, I used to torture my little princess with them too.  (Until I found Curlformers that is!)  My daughter is 3 in this picture but I started with these curlers when she was about 2. 
I used to get my princess to hold still by letting her color at the table, watch a show or I'd just do her hair while she was eating.  :)  Make sure the hair is wet when you put these curlers in.  We dried and curled her bangs under and then pulled her hair up into her little top-piggies BEFORE putting the curlers in.  
After about 3 hours her hair had finally dried (she has VERY thick hair) and we were able to take out the curlers.  She looked just like Shirley Temple!  These curls were great too because we had church the next day and they had loosened up perfectly by then!


Karli K. said...

oh yes! I still have those, too. I didn't think they were so bad, tho. They sure beat hot rollers!


Beth said...

SO cute! You daughter is just adorable. We tried curlers with my daughter, he hair is like mine, and they only last a few hours. But they are fun while they last. Oh, and I used to have my daughter watch TV while I did her hair, otherwise those little ones never stay still.