Monday, May 30, 2011

French Waterfall

A while ago I posted these instructions for the Topsy Tail Waterfall.  It had a very beautiful look but it was very loose so this is a bit of an updated version to that but this one does require the knowledge of the French Braid which the other does not. 
 I will give specific instruction for the hairstyle show here but you can use the French Waterfall as a headband, two braids or in any other form you like. 
Create an off-centered part that goes all the way back to the crown of the head.  Now create a parallel part 1/2 inch inside of the first and clip aside that new thin strip of hair. 
Create one more part parallel to the first two but make sire it's about 2-3 inches across the head.  Now you will create a French Braid out of the new section of hair (making sure to only gather hair from inside this parted section) and only add in hair until the crown of the hair.  Just finish plating a Regular 3-Strand Braid after that point.  Secure it at the end with a temporary elastic. 
 Now grab your Topsy Tail and that thins strip of air that you set aside.  Poke your Topsy Tail through the first plate of the French Braid and feed a bit of hair from your thin strip directly through it.
 Do this again with the second plate and so on until your entire thin strip has been fed through the plates of the French Braid. 
 Now brush all of the hair down to the nape of the neck and secure it with an elastic - making sure to include the braid.  Take the temporary elastic out of the braid and brush it into the ponytail.  Now braid the ponytail and secure it at the end with one final elastic.  Add some hair clips to finish it off.  

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caitríona said...

wow that's gorgeus, it really looks like an actual waterfall braid(which i can't do) i'll be trying this out soon :)