Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Princess Dreads

My princess had dance picture scheduled right after school.  It was a P.E. day for her at school and I knew I would only have enough time to through her costume on and get to the studio.  This left me the problem of figuring out how to do her hair and still have it look good by the end of school.  I decided to do some dread lock braids in her hair because I could easily have her unplate them in the car as we drove to the studio and then I could run a quick brush through it and be done!  Problem solved! 
 I started off creating some small pulled ponies at the top to help keep the hair out of her eyes. 
 There were two sections of these ponies and I made sure that they were pulled in separate directions for a nice look.
  From that point I started sectioning out pieces of hair with the rat-tailed comb and creating 3-Strand Braids.  I braided each section as low as I could and then secured it at the bottom with an elastic. 
 I did this all the way around the head and ended up with 28 individual braids.  (Now this did take some time so make sure you plan accordingly.) 
The kids at school thought her hair was so neat and kept wanting to play with it.  I changed her into her costume at school and then hopped in the car to head out.  My princess had half of the braids unplated by the time we got there and I quickly helped unplate the rest.
 We ran a quick brush through it - this helped loosen up the waves - and she even had 5 minutes to spare!  :) 
Her pictures turned out great and she was even able to wear it like that the following day.

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