Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Wraps

For Easter this year we wanted to try something that we hadn't seen done before.  I absolutely love the creative minds of all those wonderful hair bloggers out there and sometimes I get lost in their genius.  :)
This hairstyle is quite simple.  Begin by creating a zig-zag part at the front of the hair and then sectioning out some hair, down to the ear, on both side of that part. 
 Pull each side into an elastic and create a Pull-Through out of each small piggie.  Now create a 3-Strand Braid with each of the two sections and secure both braids together down at the neckline with an elastic. 
 Lift the braids up and comb the remainder of the hair nice and flat. 
Now you're going to start with one side and gather a section of hair right below the ear and twist it tightly.  Now take that twist and wrap it around the braid.  When you get down to the elastic just pull the twist down behind and secure it into the braids with another elastic. 
 Continue gathering small pieces of hair from the side of the head and twisting them - then wrapping those twists around the braid and securing them at the bottom with new elastics. 
Once you have gathered up one side of the head and wrapped all the hair, move over and repeat the steps on the other side of the head. 
You will end up with several small elastics around your group of hair at the neckline but you can add a hair clip to conceal them.  We've also added some flat iron curls to the ponytail to give it some body.
 Also add some hair pins to your Pull-Throughs at the top and your hairstyle is finished.  
Hope you all had a great Easter!

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