Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Do

I was so lucky to have such a wonderful Mother's Day.  My husband and kids totally spoiled me and I had a free morning to think up a fun hairstyle for the special day. 
 My princess suggested that we have the word "MOM" in her hair so we went to work making it happen.
Begin by making 3 parallel sections in the hair by creating two vertical parts.  Your middle section should be a bit thinner than the two outside sections.  Clip each of the outside sections out of the way and pull the middle section into a ponytail.  Now create a bun with that middle section.  We have used a bun mold here and twisted the excess hair around the base but if you don't have a mold you can create any type of bun. 
Move over to one of your side sections and create a horizontal part from the ear up to vertical part.  This will give you a section of hair that you will divide into two equal pieces.  Secure each piece with an elastic.  Those two elastics are the top of your "M".  Now divide the rest of the hair on that side into 3 parallel sections.   
Separate the hair from the two elastics into two equal pieces each and twist those pieces.  Have the left twist from the left elastic be included with the bottom-left section of hair that you created.  Secure it all together with an elastic.  Now combine the remaining twist from the left elastic and the inside twist from the right elastic in with the bottom-middle section of hair.  Secure that with an elastic as well.  Secure your final twist with the bottom-right section of hair and you have finish your "M". 
Move over to the opposite side of the head and repeat the same steps for your final "M". 
You now have 6 small ponytails - 3 on each side.  Weave those ponytails through each other so that the 6 ponytails end up on the opposite side of the head than where they started. 
Braid the 3 strands on each side into it's own braid and secure the braids with elastics at the bottom.  You can tie some ribbons at the bottom of your braids and add a flower to your bun if you like.
  Now you have "MOM" in the hair and it's perfect for celebrating Mother's Day!
I hope that all of you wonderful moms out there had a great day!


Brooke said...

Now THAT is just AWEsome!

Kristen Hagin said...

Can you post a video of this one before mothers day? I know you are super busy - LOVE the cite!