Monday, May 16, 2011

Boa Constrictor

*I had a really great comment yesterday inquiring about the clear elastics that we use.  The reader pointed out that many clear elastics are just as harmful as the regular elastics and will tear out the hair.  This is true and you need to be cautious when using any elastic to secure the hair.  My preference is the "Goody" brand because they are really strong and I have very little problem with the hair being pulled.  I also buy the cheaper clear elastics that come in bulk from Sally's Beauty Supply but I never reuse them.  I clip each one out of the hair using a seam ripper from my sewing kit.  This way I'm not pulling out or breaking the hair and getting everything snarled up.  Hopefully these tips will help some of you out there.*

This hairstyle is just a different take on many elements that we've used before.  We call it the "Boa Constrictor" because the smaller braids are wrapping themselves around the large braid.
Begin with the hair wet and section out the top of the hair by creating a part from ear to ear. 
Now divide that top section into two pieces and create a 3-Strand Braid out of each.  Secure the bottom of each braid with an elastic. 
 Pull the rest of the hair back into a tight ponytail.  Wrap your smaller braids around the ponytail (have them go over the elastic holding the ponytail to conceal it) just to see where your ends are going to land and then unwrap the braids. 
 Braid your ponytail down to the point that your ends hit and then wrap the smaller braids around the large braid once more. 
 Try to have your ends in the back of the braid and you will actually add them right in with the hair of the large braid.  Finish braiding the ponytail and secure it at the bottom with an elastic. 


Caitríona said...

Love this hairstyles... however my sister, who's hair I do only has chin length hair :( about the elastics - I'm from ireland and I have no idea where to buy Goody elastics here, so I buy Claire's Accesories ones ( don't know if you have them in the States?) and i find they're not great quality... any tips? :)

Julie said...

Sometimes I doulbe up on the lower quality ones to enhance their strength. Hopefully that will help!