Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pop Diva - Straightening Tips

My princess recently saw a picture of Taylor Swift (who she LOVES) dressed almost exactly like this so she wanted to copy the look.  
I straightened her hair using a product called "Straight and Sexy" which we applied to the hair while it was still wet.  (Make sure you always protect the hair with some type of product before using hot irons.) 
 I began by completely drying the hair using a round brush and making sure to not get the hair dryer any closer than 8 inches away from her hair.   I then straightened it from root to end using a 1 inch ceramic flat iron. 
 I curled the bottom of the hair under using the same flat iron and just flipping it under at the end.  This helped to create a loose curl instead of something tight. 
Our last step was to throw on the sequin hat but this style is also beautiful with a headband.   


Jill said...

So cute, and shows off how looooong her hair is :)

Anonymous said...

Who makes the straight and sexy straightener?

Julie said...

Straight and Sexy is actually the name of a hair product that I use on my daughter's hair before I use the straightener. I buy mine at Sally Beauty Supply. Hopefully that helps you!