Monday, February 6, 2012

Heart Headband

 This is another fun style that is fast and easy and can be used for the upcoming Valentine's holiday.  We call it the Heart Headband because it gives the illusion of being a headband and the Pull-Throughs look a lot like hearts. 
Start by creating a part from ear to ear across the top of the head, exactly where a headband would lie. 
Divide that top area into as many small sections as you like and secure each section with an elastic at the very back of the section.  (So that all of your elastics will lie right on that original part.)  Grab your Topsy Tail and create a Pull-Through out of each small section. 
Now you're going to follow the same process as we did on our "Puffy Pull-Throughs" hairstyle a while back.  (You can find that hairstyle and directions here.)
 Basically you will be pulling some of the strands of hair from each Pull-Through out so that they puff up and look like the top of a heart.  Do that with all of the Pull-Throughs to create your "Heart Headband".
 Comb the rest of the hair straight down and you can leave it that way or curl it.  We had some braids in the day before so she has some waves from those. 


kazol said...

wow nice hairstyle. i <a href=">like</a> your style so much ...

runa said...

wow nice hairstyle. i like your style so much

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