Monday, February 20, 2012

Woven Puffy Braids

This is a beautiful hairstyle but you will need a good 20-30 minutes to complete this one.  (Just wanted to give you a heads up so you didn't get frustrated on one of those "crunch time" mornings.)  :)
Begin with wet hair and create a part directly down the center of the head so that you now have two equal sides.  Section out a small area on one of the sides (right up in front) and secure it with an elastic.  Create a parallel section on the opposite half of the head.  Now you've got two small piggies on top to work with. 
Separate each piggie into 3 equal sections and twist each section.  Your princess will be a huge help in holding the twist for this hairstyle until you need them.  Have her hold the six twists while you create another section on one half of the head, directly under that first section.  Pull the 3 twists from the opposite half of the head over to that new section and secure all of that hair together with an elastic. 
Now section out a parallel new section on the other half, just below the first section and take the 3 remaining twists that your princess is holding and weave them through the first 3 twists that are already coming across the head. 
Weave them in an over-under patter and alternate which way your pattern goes with the different twists. 
 Once they've all gone through you can secure them in with the hair from your brand new section.
  Now you've got two piggies once again.  Comb out any remaining twist from before.  Divide each ponytail into 3 equal sections and create twists out of each of those so that you once again have 6 twists to work with.  Repeat the steps from above to create another woven section.  Depending on how large you aer making the sections on the head, you could have 3-8 woven areas going along the back of the head.  We have 4 here. 
 Once all of the hair was gathered, we finished off our piggies with a couple of Hawser Braids. (Two Corkscrews twisted together.) 
We then went through and covered each of our elastics with tiny claw clips just to give it a fancier look but this is not necessary.  Add some hair bows and you're all finished!


LK said...

wow, that looks fun! Not one to do on myself though methinks lol!

Caitríona said...

gorgeus :)