Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Puffy Pull-Throughs

Here's a 5 minute style that is simple and fun. 
I call these "Puffy Pull-Throughs" but my daughter refers to them as "Hamster Ears". Section out the hair from ear to ear and then divide it into two sides.  We've created an off-centered part on ours so our sides are not even but you can do it however you like. 
 Pull each side up into an elastic.  Now grab your Topsy Tail and create a Pull-Through.  At this point you can either use a rat-tailed comb or your fingers but I find that the comb makes it a bit easier. 
 Hold onto the elastic in the Pull-Through and simply grab bits of hair to pull toward the forehead - loosening them from the elastic.  You can make your puffs as large or as small as you like and you can pull out as much or as little hair as you like. 
 These were so easy and fun that I will be using them on hairstyles in the future!
  We just let the rest of the hair fall down in waves but you can finish off the back in any way. 

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