Monday, February 27, 2012

Puffy Braid Stegosaurus

A little while ago we did a post on The Stegosaurus hairstyle and this is a bit of a spin off on that.
  Begin with wet hair.  We started by dividing the hair in half with a part directly down the middle of the head.  Our part started a bit off-centered before going straight to the middle just to bring the bangs to one side. 
 Next we created two small sections up front by creating a part on each side from the center down to the ear.  Each side was secured with an elastic and then we used the Topsy Tail to create a regular Pull- Through.  
We created another section on each side of the part just behind that original and secured it into an elastic - making sure to include the ponytail from the first Pull-Through.  Now you should have a small ponytail on each side.  Work with one side at at time and grab a small section out from the top of the ponytail and comb it smooth.  Now feed it through the loop of your Topsy Tail, poke the Topsy Tail down behind the elastic and partially pull it through so that you have a loop just over the elastic.  (You can see how to do this with a video tutorial if you click on "The Stegosaurus" link at the top of this post.)  Go ahead and do this for both side of the head. 
Now create two new sections of hair just below the last and secure them into an elastic - Making sure to include the ponytail and Pull-Through hair from the section above.  (Note: be careful not to pull the loop out of shape as you include your Pull-Through hair into that new ponytail.)  From this point you will just repeat the steps from above for making your loop and then continue repeating the steps as you create new sections of hair to add in. 
Once all of the hair from the head has been added in, you will just repeat the steps as directed without adding new hair when you secure a new elastic.  Do this all the way through your ponytail and the length of the hair will determine how many loops are created.  As you are securing your final elastic, Only pull the hair half way through so that you create a loop of hair at the bottom as well for more of  a finished look. 
Go back up and add any hair clips that you would like.  We've just added some velvet black flower pins next to a few of the elastics. 


asenetita said...

Thank you so much Julie for sharing your talent and creativity with us. Your daughter is lovely and her hair gorgeus.
I thank God everyday for people like you.
I have two daughters myself and I love trying my abilities with their hair.

Julie said...

oh this comment just made my whole day! Thanks!