Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Half Braid Heart

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I thought we would throw this post up really quick since it is that last of our Valentine's hairstyles for the year.  It's called the "Half Braid Heart" and it's made with a French Braid that only gathers into it's plates from one side of the braid.
I started by dividing the hair in half directly down the center of the head.  I then created a small arch on each side of the part and began my braids inside the arch next to the original part. 
Do one side of the head at a time and as you create your braid, only gather in hair to the outside (closest to ear) plates of your braid.  This will give it the floating effect but still have it secured into place.  Once you have gathered all of the hair from that half of the head into your braid, secure it at the nape of the neck with an elastic. 
Move over to the other side of your head and repeat the process.  Once your second braid has gathered all of the hair, remove the elastic from the first side and combine the two sides together.  Now secure those with the elastic.
This will complete your heart shape.  We finished our ponytail off by creating a 5-Strand Braid but you can curl it or use any braid that you like.  Add some cute Valentine's hair clips and your princess is ready for a fun heart day!
We hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!  From our family to yours!
 (Pretend that she's holding a mini Snickers.)  :)

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