Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl Football

It's that time of year again! SUPERBOWL!  It's kind of a big deal at our house and we decided to do a fun hairstyle in honor of that.
You will need some 5/8" white ribbon and some 3/8" grosgrain ribbon that you will make your football stitches with.
I just hot glued the ribbon the way that I wanted the stitches to look and then added some bobby pins on the back of the stitches so that it would hold in place on the hair.  (You'll notice that in the actual style I cut off one of these stitches because I had made it a bit too long.  Learn from my mistake and measure first.)  :)
You will want to work with wet hair.  I decided to make a little goal post design on the top of the hair by sectioning out a small square in the front middle that I created a Pull-Through out of.  Just behind the square, a divided the hair in half by creating a part directly down the middle of the head.  Pull each half into it's own piggie - making sure to add in your Pull-Through to the side that it is lying on. 
 Make a braid out of each piggie and braid it as far down as possible before securing it with an elastic.  Pull the right braid over to the top of the left braid and add it in with another elastic which will lie directly over the top elastic of your left braid.  You don't want to pull that braid too tightly over because it needs to be able to create a little bit of an arch for the top of the football.  Use bobby pins to hold that arch in the position that you like.  Now pull your left braid over to the top of the right braid and, using a Topsy Tail, pull it right through the very first plate of your right braid.  This will hold it in place while you bobby pin the bottom arch of your football into position. 
 Now take the ends of your braids and tuck them under the elastics and braids however you can to hide them.  Use bobby pins to keep them nicely tucked under.  Go ahead and spray the whole head with hairspray at this point to give it that extra hold. 
 Now grab your 5/8" ribbon and cut two strands that will be long enough to wrap around the ends of your football.  Use your Topsy Tail to feed the ribbon through both braids on the end of your football and then pull the ends of your ribbon up on top of those braids and tie the ends into a tight knot.  Cut off any excess ribbon from beyond the know and then twist the ribbon so that the know goes under the bottom braid and is hidden.  Repeat the same process on the opposite end of your football.
  Your final step is to position your stitch clip into place directly in the middle of the football. 
 Now you're finished and all set for the big game!  My princess wore this style to church and it was great because usually the women come up and comment on her hair but today it was all the men coming up and commenting and taking pictures with their phones.  Too funny!  


Melly & Yaya said...

Your princess is so pretty! That is a pretty awsome hairstyle! :o)

Please come check out my blog...just got started! :o)

Joan said...

That's awesome! On the night of arguably the most important sporting event of the year for you Americans, you put your daughter's hair in the shape of a football. The only thing is... it's a Canadian football! CFL uses a football with white stripes on the ends and as far as I can tell, the NFL doesn't. I really can't claim to know that. My husband pointed it out to me and after a little bit of googling I found out that he was right. Thanks for honouring us Canadians with that hairstyle. Don't feel bad about not noticing. It seems like maybe the guys in your church didn't notice that detail either. :D Enjoy the game!

Julie said...

Melly - Great blog!
Joan - that's too funny! I learned something today. Tell your husband thanks and we're always glad to honour our friends up north!