Wednesday, February 22, 2012

That's A Wrap

Here's a different kind of ponytail wrap for you.  It's very simple and has a neat effect.
I started this hairstyle by sectioning out the top part of the hair from ear to ear and then dividing that into two parts.  I made a Pull-Through out of each part and then a Regular 3-Strand Braid out of each Pull-Through. 
I then pulled the two braids to the back of the head and combined them with an elastic and unplated any remaining braid after that elastic.  I then gathered all of the hair that was down into a ponytail - making sure to exclude the small ponytail from my two braids. 
I left the large ponytail alone and grabbed my smaller ponytail from my braids and added a new elastic about 1 inch below my first.  I then added 4 more elastics, separating each of them by about an inch.  Now my small ponytail had 6 total elastics - one securing my braids and then 5 others about an inch apart. 
 I grabbed my Topsy Tail and poked it directly through the middle of the first inch section of my small ponytail.  I did this by bringing my Topsy Tail in from behind this first time.  Now feed the large ponytail through the loop on your Topsy Tail and pull it all through that first section on the small ponytail.  Now you're going to feed your Topsy Tail through the second small section by feeding it from the front this time.  Place the large ponytail through the loop and then pull it through that section.  Continue doing this - alternating feeding the Topsy Tail from behind and from in front.  Once you have finished pulling the large ponytail through all of your sections you can combine the two ponytails with one final elastic at the bottom.  Add a hair clip and you're finished! 

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