Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday's Film: The Switchback

We got many requests for a video on our hairstyle called "The Switchback". It's a simple concept, just make sure you have lots of bobby pins ready to go.
You can find the original post here.
I wish that my arm wasn't in front of the camera so much but I wanted you to be able to see the back of her head.  Hopefully you get the idea!  :)

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Jamie Jo said...

OK, I love the Friday films!!! I have 4 girls (so far) and can't wait for their hair to grow out so I can do these!!! I'm going to try some of these on their shorter hair....long story, we all, except for the baby, got our hair cut 12plus inches, because of lice on baseball helmets this past June. It was awful!! Worse than you can imagine!

Anyway, so glad I found you, I'm bookmarking your blog!!

Your daughter is beautiful.