Wednesday, September 28, 2011

French Roll

This hairstyle has been around forever but this is the first time I have ever actually done it on my princess.  I have to admit that the length of her hair made it a bit tricky and this style is probably best for shoulder-length hair.
I have found that starting with wet hair is easiest when you are doing any type of bun or twist because it helps hold much longer when it dries in a specific position.  I created a small off-centered part at the top of her head to start off.  I then combed all of the hair back down toward the nape of the neck. 
Move to the side of the head that has less hair from the part to begin.  This was the left side for us so my directions will follow that.  Comb all of the hair from the left around the back and toward the right side of the head.  Now grab some bobby pins and pin that hair flat against the head - just a bit to the right of the middle of the neck. Your bobby pins should start down by the neck and create a line going straight up about 3-4 inches.  This will hold that left side of hair nice and flat against the head. 
 Now comb all of the hair on the right side straight out until it is flat and then roll it to the left and into the head.  Your roll should be covering that line of bobby pins now. 
Go ahead and pin the roll into place and add some decorative hair pins to hide the bobby pins.  Give it a good spray with hairspray for extra hold and you are good to go! 
 My princess wore my baptism dress from when I was 8 years old to church on this day.  It's a bit old-fashioned so her hairstyle matched perfectly because it is a bit old-fashioned as well.  :)

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