Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday's Film: The Cubed Braid

*This is the last one we filmed on this dark background so you will hopefully be able to see future videos better!  Sorry I didn't think of that earlier!*
This one is a unique braid that we call The Cubed Braid because it has four equal sides that each have the appearance of a 3-Strand Braid.  It's fairly simple and hopefully the video doesn't make it seem too confusing.
We've also included some pictures of the finished product.
Notice the 4 equal sides to the braid. 
I produced some really pretty waves when it was taken out also. 
Don't forget to change where you are splitting your middle section so that the braid holds together tightly. 
It's always fun to learn a new braid!


Anonymous said...

I love this braid.. how is it different from the quad braid you posted awhile back?

Martine said...

Love this braid! I can't manage to work out the quad no matter how much I watch the video but this was easy & the finished braid looks like you've spent ages perfecting a complicated braid. Love, love, love! Also my dd is only 2yrs so I only have a short time to work before she's running off so this is perfect for us! Thanks again keep up the good work xxx

LK said...

Just wanted to say good luck to your DD today - I hope you all have a wonderful time!!

Julie said...

It is just the same visually as the Quad Braid but it is a bit easier to complete. (It's just a different technique.)
Martine - Thank you for the wonderful compliment!
LK - you are so sweet! She had a fabulous day!