Monday, June 13, 2011


So this hairstyle is a little bit of everything, hence the name.  Start by sectioning out the top area of hair by creating a part from ear to ear.  Divide that area into two sections by parting it a little off-centered.  Now you will have two sections of hair, a large one and a small one.
  Go ahead and begin with the large one and divide it into two parallel pieces.  Dow divide each of those smaller sections into two pieces and ties them into a half-knot.  Have your princess hold the extra hair while you move over to the smaller side and repeat the same steps.  You should now have four half-knots.  Have your daughter hold the hair from those half-knot while you move on.
 Divide the remaining hair down the middle using any part that you like.  We have used the zig-zag part here. Pull each side up into a piggie. 
 Now go ahead and take the hair from your princess and add the strands closest to the right ear directly into the right piggie and secure it with another elastic.  Also take the strands closest to the left ear and add them directly into the left piggie.  Now take those middle strand from the 4 half-knots and criss-cross them over each other in any fashion you like.  Have the strand from the right knots be eventually added over into the left piggie and the strands from the left knots be added over into the right piggie.  (Hopefully that makes sense.) 
 I went ahead and finished off the style by creating a Quad Braid out of each piggie and folding it up under itself to make a Puppy Dog Ear. 
 I added a flower clip directly over the elastics and ends of the braids to finish it off. 

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