Wednesday, June 8, 2011

All Chained Up

So here's one I came up with while staring at my daughter's "Link-O Cinco de Mayo" hairstyle.  I figured, why not make a bunch of links and jut hook them all together? 
 I started by creating a small (off-centered) half part on top of the head.  I then sectioned out 1/2 inch of hair running parallel on both sides of the part. 
I also grabbed a small bit of hair from right behind where the part ends and added that in with the smaller group of hair. I had my princess hold the two small sections while I pulled the rest of the hair back into a tight but low ponytail.  I pulled out a bunch of small clear elastics to have ready before I started my links. 
Start with the larger section of hair which should be from the larger side of the part.   Wet it down really well and then separate a small piece from near the bang line.  Split that piece in half and start creating your links.  (Fold  one over the other and pull through just like when you start tying your shoes.)  Pull the first one tight and then keep following links loose so they create a circle.  Make links all the way down to the ponytail and then add that hair into the ponytail by wrapping another elastic around it.
Move back up to the part and section out another small piece just behind your first.  Repeat the linking process but make sure to feed one of your pieces through the previous links each time you create a new one.  This will join the two lines of links.  Add it into the ponytail at the bottom with another elastic. 
 Continue doing this around the head.  I ended up with 4 linked chains on the large side, one chain right behind the part and 3 linked chains on the small side. 
Once they were all added into the ponytail I grabbed a small section of hair from the ponytail, wrapped it around all of those elastics to conceal them, and then pulled it back through the ponytail using a Topsy Tail.  I finished it off by braiding the ponytail and adding a flower clip at the bottom.  (You will also want to spray the finished product with hairspray so that it holds tightly throughout the day.) 


Jill said...

Love, Love, Love! I bet she got tons of compliments on this style. It looks awesome!

Caitríona said...

wow that looks unreal! well done :)

Brooke said...