Monday, June 6, 2011

Braided Bang

My princess has been dying to try this style out and I'm proud of her because she actually did the braid in front all by herself! 
 Our first step was to section out the bangs in the front of the head.  We clipped all the rest of the hair back and combed that section forward. 
 She started her braid and slowly added hair into one side of it as she plated.  She made sure to pull the braid down toward her face to create the "bangs" look. 
She added all of the hair in from that section and just finished plating the rest of it into a Regular 3-Strand Braid. 
From that point I took over and pulled the rest of the hair - including her braid - back into a tight ponytail.  I combed out any remaining plates from her braid so that all of the hair was straight. 
 I then grabbed a small section that I wrapped around the elastic and then pulled through the ponytail using a Topsy Tail.  
We finished it off by braiding the entire ponytail and adding a hair clip at the bottom.  My princess said that she didn't recognize herself in the mirror because she's not used to having bangs.  :)

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Jill said...

She did a fabulous job!